Mythbusting - The Pentyrch Saga - Home Truths

THE PENTYRCH SAGA Introduction In the early hours of 26th February 2016, an event occurred at Pentyrch to the north of Cardiff and witnessed by two people, Caz Clarke and Dave. The details have been well documented since, and for the purpose of brevity, these won’t be described here.   SUFON got involved in October 2017, Caz and Dave being met and interviewed by Emlyn Williams. This started a period of investigation, and involved Emlyn Williams, Mike Maunder and Gari Jones. Gari later left SUFON to undertake the work with Caz only, and SUFON’s involvement ceased for a period. The reason for this will become apparent to the reader as this article will show. Caz instigated a renewal of involvement of Emlyn Williams and Mike Maunder in the spring of 2021, but this was short lived. By coincidence, about that time, new witnesses came forward, approaching SUFON. They were in possession of photographs and, as it transpired, a video of lights that were seen, taken on the same night