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In the early hours of 26th February 2016, an event occurred at Pentyrch to the north of Cardiff and witnessed by two people, Caz Clarke and Dave. The details have been well documented since, and for the purpose of brevity, these won’t be described here.


SUFON got involved in October 2017, Caz and Dave being met and interviewed by Emlyn Williams. This started a period of investigation, and involved Emlyn Williams, Mike Maunder and Gari Jones. Gari later left SUFON to undertake the work with Caz only, and SUFON’s involvement ceased for a period. The reason for this will become apparent to the reader as this article will show.

Caz instigated a renewal of involvement of Emlyn Williams and Mike Maunder in the spring of 2021, but this was short lived. By coincidence, about that time, new witnesses came forward, approaching SUFON. They were in possession of photographs and, as it transpired, a video of lights that were seen, taken on the same night as Pentyrch, but approximately 15 miles to the south-west.


The witnesses were nervous that their identity might become public knowledge, and were thinking about releasing the photographs through another avenue at the time. Emlyn introduced the witnesses to Caz and Dave, and photographs were shared. Caz was over the moon that the Pentyrch Incident now seemed to have corroborative evidence backing it up. Once the witness had given permission for the photographs to be released to the public, Caz posted them on Facebook.

Unfortunately she made no mention of  SUFON’s part in the proceedings. Even though Mike had told her that the photos should be released jointly with SUFON as a joint exercise, after the metadata had been checked, it was apparent that Caz wanted to go it alone from this point onwards.. 


A day or two later the new witnesses contacted Emlyn to say that one of the images which had been posted on Facebook, had the witness’ location on it - map and coordinates. Caz was made aware of this and the photos were taken down off Facebook. In the meantime SUFON had checked the metadata and these were proved as being taken on 26 February 2016.


Strangely, Caz started pushing for the original photos to be emailed so that they could be verified, even though she already had them shared to her phone via bluetooth. The witness was slow in sending them however (understable bearing in mind the previous publishing incident - not professional behaviour!), as Caz jumped the gun with a public demand on Facebook that they be given to her. Weirdly, at the same time she was also declaring that the photos were fake!

That didn’t go down well with the witnesses and Emlyn attempted to calm them down. He and Mike weren’t impressed either.


The witness later told Emlyn that the video, which he’d previously said had been deleted in error, was still in his possession on his phone. Emlyn went to meet him and his wife, and was shown a short segment on their phone, held in the witness’ hand, through the open window of his car. Emlyn told Caz about the video and she was both excited and angry because the witness had previously told her that the video had been deleted. When told about the video by the witness, Emlyn was informed that the reason he had said it had been deleted was because he was somewhat wary of Caz’s intentions, especially because it was their first meeting, and was understandably holding back.


Emlyn, being the principal contact with the witnesses, was honouring the witness’ request that their identity should not be shared with anyone, including Caz. Caz’s phone number was passed to the witness at her request, should the witness decide to contact her. Tact and diplomacy was needed, and Emlyn preferred not to push him too quickly to get a copy of the video. 


After a few weeks, sadly, Caz lost any patience she might have had, together with any reason and tact. She publicly declared that SUFON and Emlyn Williams in particular were holding on to the video, declaring that this was for their/his own glory. There was, in fact no truth in this statement.


Incredulously, Gari Jones then joined her in a series of rants against Emlyn and SUFON, both written and verbal, on podcasts, articles and even in their book, which was published towards the end of 2021. 

Fictions and non-truths have been added by them in the months since, to such an extent that it is obvious that this is a sustained campaign of character assassination and slander. Even accusing SUFON itself of carrying out an uncorroborated hate campaign against them. This was pure projection, as neither SUFON, Emlyn nor Mike had made any public statements or comments against them whatsoever. Any negative press that Caz or Gari have had, has been from individuals acting by their own volition. 

SUFON, Emlyn and Mike have remained completely silent on the matter, not even choosing to answer insulting personal messages that were received from Caz and Gari.


Caz’s fantasies against SUFON have subsequently been matched with her embellishment and dubious suppositions in the Pentyrch Incident account to such an extent that, in SUFON’s opinion, she cannot now be thought of as a credible witness. Her book contains many of these embellishments, now stated as facts that were not in her original statement. Also the book is interspersed with personal attacks against Emlyn.


This article, written mainly by Mike Maunder, added to, checked and proof-read by Emlyn Williams and peers, is our truthful response. We always endeavour to investigate professionally, and in confidence, each incident that we receive information on and research all aspects pertaining to it and the credibility of potential witnesses, as far as we are able.


                                                               Emlyn Williams 


The saga begins

Maybe we should have come forward sooner, but things have escalated to such an extent that there has been a torrent of abuse of a slanderous and libellous nature against Swansea UFO Network, and of two members in particular: Mike Maunder and Emlyn Williams. This is the truth and without prejudice.

This is a SUFON response, written on the whole by Mike Maunder to recent and ongoing character assassination, slander, disinformation, libel and bending of facts and out-right fantasy by Caz Clarke and Gari Jones.

Emlyn's statement on 28th Feb 2022 is our only one released until now. The  spreading of lies and disinformation about us has gone too far so, we want to tell the truth from our side.

Sequence of Events: 

We parted ways with  Caz Clarke & Gari Jones back in October 2018, after we were asked to do a presentation at the Cornish UFO Conference and ever since then we`ve had very little interest in The Pentyrch Saga at all. We were glad to part ways and get away from it as it was way too stressful, we had to walk on eggshells as anything we`d say would get twisted or taken the wrong way.

Caz Clarke is one of the Pentyrch witness`s and she was not a member of the SUFON team. When she worked with SUFON we accommodated her wishes as much as possible as we always try to present the facts objectively and without prejudice.

Working with the a witness such as Caz, who approached the subject with a large amount of bias was not helpful and we now recognise the problems that can transpire. Mike had a couple of disagreements and left the investigation twice before it was concluded.

One of them was when Mike had written an article (which took around a week) which was sent to Chris Evers of Outer Limits Magazine, Mike mentioned it in the group and Caz then contacted Chris Evers and told him not to publish Mike`s article so she could do one herself!

A learning curve which is sometimes difficult to negotiate. Gari called her out in the early stages in late 2017/early 2018, as he was having his doubts. He then joined the SUFON team to investigate it with us.

{"He would do well to remember who it was that gave him all the lifts (Emlyn) to and from Pentyrch/Smilog for the investigations. And if it hadn’t been for SUFON, he wouldn`t have been able to do any field research as Gari doesn`t drive."}

About a day after Emlyn and Mike came back from the conference in Truro, there were stories going around from Caz about SUFON. 

Apparently she said that when they arrived at the conference, Mike had called her friend Steve, who had driven them down to Cornwall, a ‘Joe’ (whatever that was supposed to mean but she said it was a derogatory name for a skivvy). 

In fact, what Mike had said to Steve was ‘chauffeur'.  It was a light hearted comment which they both laughed at, at the time. Even the event organiser called Steve a bodyguard and had a little laugh. 

This is when the public attacks against SUFON started.

After that, it was decided to step back and leave Caz and Gari get on with what they wanted to do. It was clear they did not want to work with SUFON so we left them to it.

During the investigation on the Pentyrch Incident, SUFON was contacted by a Special Force soldier based at St.Athan who was on the exercise that night. Emlyn went to meet him and took notes.

The soldier explained that it was an exercise and he hadn`t seen any UFO or had heard any talk about any afterwards (that’s not saying there weren’t any – it’s just his own personal experience). 

He said he was woken up around midnight and was transported by vehicle, being dropped off around 12 miles from Llantrisant and then had to make his way there on foot, in the company of others in his squad, to free a ‘hostage’ by blowing a door off an industrial building in Llantrisant.

He did stipulate that it was that night of 26th February 2016 and not a daytime exercise, which took place a few months later (which Richard D. Hall had witnessed from a distance).

This didn`t go down too well with Caz and Gari and they instantly started to make out that the soldier was only there to cover it up and Emlyn shouldn`t have gone to meet him.

When you are doing an investigation you have to explore all the leads you find. In no way was it implied that the explosion that blew the lock on the door was the cause of the explosion felt in the hospital, but Caz said that that was what Emlyn was saying. He did not.

Talking of Richard D. Hall, he was also attacked by Caz at times as he was of the opinion it was just a military exercise. Gari originally was of the opinion that it was a military exercise, until Emlyn posted a first report of the incident. Then Gari started coming around to the idea that it might have been something more.

Another supposed witness: Mike Henbury has never been found, even though he was apparently living in the village. This is a bit strange and even now he still hasn’t come forward, even anonymously. 

Mike Henbury had posted his account of that night on South Wales Awakening website 8 days after 26th on the 6th of March. Emlyn contacted the Admin of South Wales Awakening in an attempt to track him down but was told that Mike has since deactivated his account. 

This was about 18 months or so after his post on the website. The write up itself was more or less exactly what was described by Caz Clarke, so much so that it could have been written by herself.

There`s no proof that she did, but the fact he`s never come forward even after a leaflet drop to all the houses nearby and on Tyn-Y-Coed Road (which skirts the incident in the field), does make one think.

When Emlyn initially met with the Pentyrch witnesses, Caz and Dave in October 2017, and got the story from their own mouths, Emlyn noticed the similarity of Mike Henbury’s account and the words that Caz used. 

At the time Emlyn thought it was corroborative evidence. It could well be corroborative evidence, but unless Mike Henbury can be found, we’ll never know one way or the other.

As we’re on the subject of the initial meeting, Emlyn did go alone, (there was no one hiding in the bushes! like Caz has since claimed, which is laughable). Mike Hopkins was also present, not that Caz mentioned that, he being an interested party, living a few miles away.

Emlyn wrote up his report from the facts given, which was then given to Caz and Dave to proof read before it went public on SUFON’s Facebook page.

Emlyn never said that this was just for his own notes. The intention from the beginning was to present it to the public, which is what is done with all the cases that SUFON reports on. Caz Clarke has since said that Emlyn double-crossed her by publicising it. Caz Clarke contacted SUFON in the first instance and she was informed it was going public.

If Emlyn hadn’t made the effort to meet, (Steve Drewson wasn’t interested when he learned about the conditions to be met such as putting phones, recording devices, pens etc in a bag. Mike wasn`t notified till after Emlyn had met Caz), maybe the world wouldn’t have known about the Pentyrch Incident. 

Fast Forward to 2021

Out of the blue Caz contacted us and asked to meet up, as sceptical as we were we met up as Caz seemed to have changed. During this meeting Caz apologised for her behaviour in the past and said she`d just done a programme with Netflix, it would go viral and we`d be in demand. It was also mentioned that there would be a movie deal and a book, and we would have no money worries again. 

As we parted on good terms both Mike & Emlyn thought that movie talk was a bit far fetched and we weren`t that bothered about it, as we weren't in this field to make money out of it. A couple of weeks later everything changed.

The Golden Ticket

Around 21st May SUFON was emailed by a witness claiming that he and his wife had a sighting a few miles away from Pentyrch and that they had photos taken on the same night as Caz & Dave`s sighting. He gave a brief account.

Emlyn had seen the email and phoned Mike. The witness then sent 5 images via Whatsapp, Mike and Emlyn checked the metadata/exif but it only showed the data of the day it was sent/whatsapp date rather than the original date. We  mulled it over for a couple of days as we knew the implications it had and we had to tell Caz and Dave. As it happens things were going slowly as we weren`t pressurising the witnesses and Emlyn was busy with work and also had car trouble, which delayed the visit to the witnesses.

1 June 2021

About a month later Emlyn and Mike met up with the witnesses and had a conversation of around 30-45 minutes. During this conversation it was quite clear and apparent that the witnesses were terrified of being targeted as Caz had made claims of being threatened previously. These were now sensitive and frightened witnesses (an audio recording was made of the interview with the witness' consent as proof ), also they did not wish to be named as they live in a small community.

We then immediately went up to Pentyrch, at Emlyn's suggestion, so they could meet Caz and Dave. Emlyn rang Caz to give her the good news, and Mike messaged her. They were introduced and this is when Caz downloaded 4 or 5 images from the witness`s phone, directly from his Google drive via bluetooth. 

We hadn`t got 20 minutes back down the M4 when Mike recieved 2 messages asking if we about new witnesses to Pentyrch, Caz had posted onto facebook even though she was told to wait so we could do a joint release.

We do have audio of Caz talking to the witness about him having the photo`s on his phone, just after this Caz downloaded images via bluetooth.


This is something we didn`t have at this stage as we'd only had them via Whatsapp and unable to verify. The metadata only shows the Whatsapp date, and we were waiting for them to be emailed.

This is when Caz had the Golden Ticket in her hand.

It was again apparent that the new witnesses were terrified of being threatened as they`d seen a video of Caz saying that she`d been threatened. Caz was told she couldn`t share the photo`s as we had to check with the witnesses first to get permission as there was a bit of confusion if she could or couldn`t share.

Caz had said we need to work as a team because we had her Golden Ticket but we are totally independent from her as we were the new witness' point of contact. We were all for giving Caz and Gari everything we got but it would take time. As it turned out, Caz singlehandedly collapsed the case as you`ll find out. 

What happened next

We were starting to be hassled by Caz to ask the new witnesses if she could release the images, as she couldn`t wait to do it the same time jointly. Mike had said no but Caz kept asking Emlyn to ask the witness if she could post the images. This he did, and the witness said yes.

Caz then shared all the images on Facebook, in which it came across that she had found the witnesses. There was zero mention of SUFON. But she didn't check the photos first. 

After Caz had posted them we were contacted franticly by the witnesses as Caz had shared an image which should never ever have been shared on a public domain: the location of the anonymous sensitive, terrified witnesses.  The latitude and longitude, with a map of the exact area where they live was alongside one of the photos. As you can imagine the witnesses were livid and we were also less than impressed. Emlyn rang Caz immediately and she deleted the photos from her page.          

If Caz could have waited like she was originally told to by Mike, we could have taken our time, verified the images and then have done a joint release. This release of sensitive data would not have happened (these images with the map of witness' location was again shared by Caz on the 11/02/22!)

We then struggled to get the original photos, but we did manage to get the first five over a period of time. At the same time, Emlyn had made arrangements to receive further photos and was then told that the witnesses had a video taken on the night in question, which had previously been believed to have been deleted in error. At the meeting, through a car window, Emlyn was shown around 10 seconds of footage from the video played on the witness' phone. 

Emlyn told Caz that there was a video, and that hopefully we will be able to get a copy. But the witness wanted to have full control of when and where it would be published, but said he'd send us it. So we waited.

Caz said to tell him that he could make money from it to chase him up. There would be a film forthcoming etc. and royalties, to get the video in her possession but the witnesses said they could do that themselves if they wanted money but were now very cautious due to Caz sharing photos and possible threats that could occur if their identity were to be made public. She also asked Emlyn to pass on her phone number to the witness, which he did.

Emlyn messaged the witness from time to time for progress, but would not pressurise them, as he felt that that would be counter-productive.

The next thing we knew Caz Clarke made a public post attacking the witnesses calling them fake, that the photos are fake, and that the video is fake. Total disrespect to any witness.

Simply incredible! What a disgusting way to treat anybody. And stupid, in view of the fact that it's against someone who might have corroborative evidence supporting the Pentyrch case.

This was when the Golden Ticket got released from Caz`s grasp while running and dancing, she slipped, tripped over and released into the air, the Ticket got blown upwards and away, never to be seen again!

Emlyn immediately contacted the witnesses and apologised, stating that Caz's outburst had nothing to do with SUFON. They had seen it and were far from happy.

A couple of days later Caz publicly attacked SUFON. Because we were not amused at what Caz had done, and wouldn`t talk to them as they had caused the case to collapse. Emlyn received a tirade of accusations from Caz, accusing him of keeping the video to himself, for his own 'glory'! 

The new witnesses had completely shut up shop and went silent. Just before that we had received 2 more images via Whatsapp and were waiting to verify those along with the video.

We were forced to post the images that we had. The same ones that Caz had previously posted and had taken down (but this time minus the coordinates!). With unverified images and seeing as the case had collapsed, we couldn`t verify much and lost more vital evidence which could have been provided by the video and more photo`s.

Caz has subsequently released these images again on 10th February 2022.


Mike had posted the images in a secret FB research group we had, the day after we`d taken the witnesses up to meet Caz and Dave. They were both sent Whatsapp images by Mike. 

One of the images should never, ever have been in the public domain and we can`t stress this enough.

These images are from page 2 of the Metabunk post about Pentrych Incident:


This image shows Mick West, Mad Hatter and Deirdre, discussing the image that Caz should never have released which had the witness' location. They can see the seriousness of what Caz had done and picked up on what had been said somewhere about witnesses not being happy. The witnesses wanted to remain anonymous.

Scroll down the page to see the comments:


Series of txt messages between Caz and Mike on the 1st June 2021:

CAZ: Mike will you bring your USB tonight so we can upload the pics pretty please I am so excited 5 hours to go

MIKE: Should be able to bluetooth but I'll be putting all info I got into Pentyrch group tomorrow . Dave keeps asking me if I've left yet 

CAZ: Bluetooth will be fantastic and have you left yet? This is as exciting as when it happened 

MIKE: Nope told Gari Emlyns van is kaput and has to go in garage to be fixed (which it has) and told him it was postponed till its fixed. He's not going to like it it tomorrow when I post but all the information will be there and he'll be involved. It's dragging somewhat lol, like I said to Dave both of you were witness and only right that both of you met the witnesses, in fact he'd asked to go to Pentyrch to have a look after we'd met him, just made total sense to invite both of you. Thanks for dropping that in, as if there's not enough to think about lol

CAZ: If he still has the same phone or equipment even if he has deleted it its never really gone and can be retrieved. I know, it could easily be saved in cloud, Google drive, one drive, iPhone, Dropbox etc or any other he might have used. It's one of the questions well be asking when we meet him. It will still be on his phone even if it is deleted it can be retrieved xx "     


And here is Caz later claiming that the images look nothing like what she saw and starting to call witnesses fake, not because she was told to remove an image because it shouldn`t of been there, just to deflect it away from that and twist it into something else. 

In a text message to Mike:  

"Just so you know I have deleted the photos from my Facebook page. I did this because I do not recognise any of the objects as anything I saw that night. Also I am starting to smell a rat. I have to be careful not to endorse something that may turn out to be a fake. The witnesses lied to me about having the video and when I told them I didn't recognise the picture what I saw were red and green they then come up with a second picture of a red and green object, again I don't recognise them as being what I saw. There is a completely black background with no reference points and they still have not sent the original photos for analysis. Something is not sitting right with me maybe just maybe they are not afraid at all for themselves perhaps it is because the pictures are fakes and it has been done deliberately to discredit the case and me. If I do get to see the video and I do not recognise it the meta data must be seen to prove it is genuine. Right now I am disassociating myself from any evidence they provide until the originals have been tested. "

Caz would like you to think that SUFON hadn`t shared the originals with her and she`s not mentioned anything about the above. We had to wait for them to be emailed, as we only had the Whatsapp images, unlike Caz who had down-loaded them directly from the witness.



Caz is THE reason why the case collapsed and in our opinion she has proved to be unreliable as a witness. She jumps to conclusions without any evidence to support them.   

As you can see Caz has not been telling the truth  about how she got hold of the images.

Again, Caz needs to be truthful and not twist things to fit her narrative. She has obviously not told anyone she downloaded five images from the witness via Bluetooth  and she's constantly made out that we wouldn`t give her the images to verify.  


Lets have a look at this book, 'The Pentyrch Incident' and get some facts straight, as Caz and Gari certainly haven`t been truthful. 


"For 20 months Mr Gari Jones, having read my comments on Wales Online, had been trying desperately to find me. It should not have been difficult; I was actually on Facebook. But for every search he conducted, he could not find me! Yet, I was there the whole time! It was as if somehow, I had been deliberately blocked by Facebook, so that people could not find me or contact me.

 It was, in fact, only when a man called Emlyn posted a blog on Facebook, to say that he was intending to do a sky watch on top of the Garth Mountain, that he was able to find me, simply because I had placed a oneline comment underneath to say, “It is a good place to be.” Emlyn contacted me on my Facebook messenger.

 I did not want to meet with him. Since my interrogation by Wales Online, I did not want to talk to anyone about it. After Emlyn assured me, everything would be ok, I reluctantly agreed to meet with him. I had placed so many conditions on him, for my own safety, I was sure he would not come. "

The 'blog' referred to was actually a post by Swansea UFO Network on Facebook planning a skywatch on Garth Mountain. As you can see below, it was on 12 August and there`s no comments by or any mention of Caz Clark. 

Caz Clarke contacted Emlyn and Emlyn accepted Caz`s message on 25th September 2017 at 10 57am and not how she has claimed above. Caz/Emlyn`s PM`s show this.


                                                                                Nor here

                                                                                    Nor here

 " Some of the conditions included: he must come alone, not to record me, not to take photographs and to place all phones and watches in a bag because I was afraid. When I met with Emlyn, he gave me some assurances that I would be safe, and I felt that I could trust him, but sadly I was wrong. He did not come alone. I trusted Emlyn but he had betrayed me already.

 Furthermore, there were people hiding in the hedgerows and fields watching unbeknown to me at the time. I know one of the people he brought with him was Mike Maunder and I have my suspicions as to the other. I took Emlyn to the entry field and showed him the sketches I had made of the objects I had seen. I also showed him the covert military camp photographs in my possession."

Source: 'The Pentyrch Incident' by Caz Clarke and Gari Jones 2021.


The truth is that Emlyn did go alone (there was no one hiding in the bushes!). Mike Hopkins was also present, he being an interested party, living a few miles away, and accompanied by his son. Dave was also there, and friends, Steve and Donna. 

Emlyn never said that this was just for his own notes. He later wrote up his report from the facts given, which was then given to Caz and Dave to proof read before it went public on SUFON’s Facebook page - which is our normal procedure. Mike Maunder didn`t know that Emlyn had gone to meet Caz and only found out in the evening. Mike and Caz became friends on Facebook the same evening.

The intention from the beginning was to present it to the public, which is what is done with all the cases that SUFON reports on. Caz has since said that Emlyn double-crossed her by publicising it. Caz contacted SUFON in the first instance. 

If Emlyn hadn’t made the effort to meet, (Steve Drewson wasn’t interested when he learned about the conditions to be met such as putting phones, recording devices, pens etc in a bag), maybe the world wouldn’t have known about the Pentyrch Incident. 


  "From this point on Gari Jones started the real investigation. Something I thought Richard Hall was going to do 20 months earlier, but never did. Richard Hall went to Llantrisant to film some of the police counter terrorism exercises in June 2016. There were no planes no helicopters in fact the whole exercise was behind a fenced in area and did not filter into the surrounding areas. 

 Simulated munitions were used, and can be seen and heard, but they did not make the hospital shake, and neither did I hear them in Pentyrch.  Moreover, they did not register on the Richter scale in Monmouth 40 miles away.  Gari Jones led the investigation with enthusiasm and dedication.  Gari and I did not get along to begin with. He thought the events were too fantastical to be real, and initially was very sceptical about the events. But I knew the truth would prevail, and eventually he would find that out. "  

Source: 'The Pentyrch Incident' by Caz Clarke and Gari Jones 2021.


According to Caz, Gari 'led' the investigation after Emlyns first visit. Bear in mind that Gari had never met Caz at this point and it was only when Emlyn offered to pick Gari up to go to meet Caz and Dave and go to the fields to investigate, did he meet her and then the investigation starts and NOT how he claims in the book. 

" Meeting David the first time – Other primary witness. Though I did not meet Caz Clarke on this occasion it was good for me to meet two other people who could confirm a lot of other details that would later be established in this investigation. When walking the fields for the very first time, David had explained to me that how he became suspicious of all this was due to a military spotter plane that was circling the area along with another plane for three days and nights prior to 26th of February 2016. He would describe how one plane would circle; then the other would do criss-cross like patterns and between them they would take it in turns to monitor the fields." 

Source: 'The Pentyrch Incident' by Caz Clarke and Gari Jones 2021.

Emlyn also took Gari up to Smilog a couple of times. In total we did around 8 visits of Pentyrch Fields and Smilog in which Emlyn and Caz had to pick up Gari as he doesn`t drive. According to Caz at the time, SUFON did a great investigation:

From CUFOG, (Cornish UFO Group):


After the investigation was completed Caz was asked to come to a SUFON meeting for a presentation about the case. This meeting was on 28th March 2018. Emlyn started the talk but started to struggle as he had all his notes on a web browser and there was no wifi in the room, so unfortunately Emlyn stumbled quite a bit and had to be helped out, at the time. He had two jobs and had had little time to prepare properly. 

When Caz arrived she was wearing a very bright silver sequined jacket and was pretty excited, although nervous about the evening's talk. After Emlyn had finished, Caz came up to give her speech. Later, Caz & Gari said they wanted to come back and do a talk themselves. This is where Caz has changed details as Caz contacted Mike about their talk they did in August. 

As it happens they were due to do the talk in June/July but they got caught in a traffic accident and couldn`t get passed Sarn, so the talk was rearranged for August.


" I contacted Mike Maunder instead, to ask if I could attend their meeting, because I needed to say a few words, and he agreed.  On the 2nd May 2018, I made my first, and thought possibly my last speech. 

 I did not know what was going to happen, but it had to be done. Steve picked me up and drove me to the venue.  I was afraid, but I had to go forward. 

 " We sat near the front and listened to Emlyn talk about the Pentyrch case and how it had been difficult to find me. I heard a woman say behind me, “Yeah, she probably lied.” Steve grabbed me by my arm and said, “You will have your chance, Caz.”  After Emlyn had stopped speaking, he said, “You have heard me talk quite a lot about Caz, and tonight she is here! Please put your hands together for Caz!” 

 A small ripple of applause echoed in the practically empty oversized room. There were about twenty people there.

 I stood up and looked at the woman behind me. She was shocked she clearly knew I had heard what she had said.  I moved to the front and stood behind the podium clutching the small speech I had written. Scared out of my wits, I began…  "      

Source: 'The Pentyrch Incident' by Caz Clarke and Gari Jones 2021.

This was Caz`s post in SUFON from that night:                 



Caz would like you to think that Emlyn had put her in danger and was scared and she didn`t want to come, yet the truth was a lot different, even the bit about someone calling her a liar. 

Only Caz heard that and no one else as no one had said anything, and yes it would have been heard by a good few others as well as Mike as he was sitting in the front operating the laptop. 

She made the claim that the room was nearly empty, but we had roughly 40 or 50 in that meeting, something we often get in all our meetings we hold as they are very well attended and yes, Emlyn had introduced Caz as is normally done with all guest speakers.

"Broken Trust

 Emlyn broke the story. Members of his group spread the story amongst the UFO community and in doing so exposed me and my family without a second thought.  He told me he wanted the story for his collection and that I would be safe.

 After the story broke in October 2017, the BBC Unexplainers contacted me via my Facebook page. They did not seem to have a problem finding me and asked me to go on their show to cover the case, but I refused.  I had been betrayed.  Now everyone knew who I was.  I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him and now it was too late.

 Linda Moulton Howe contacted Swansea to speak with me. She wanted to break the story worldwide on Coast-to-Coast Radio. Within a few days Linda Moulton Howe telephoned me.  I could not believe it. I had been put on the spot.  Linda asked me about the events, and I spelled out to her what had happened. 

 She told me that military personnel had confirmed since the 1980’s and 90’s there is a secret war going on between human military forces and an extra-terrestrial entity, but that none would go on the record. 

 She made me feel comfortable and we talked for hours on the phone. I sat agreeing with everything she said, like suddenly I knew everything, but I had no clue about the UFO world. She blew me away with the things she told me. She is an extraordinary lady, and she gave me some of the benefit of her 70 years on his planet.  I did the interview with her, even though I was still a little guarded, after all she was the first person I had spoken to, except Emlyn."

Source: 'The Pentyrch Incident' by Caz Clarke and Gari Jones 2021.


Surely Caz is not that naive as to think that, after the case was made public with her permission, which she and Dave had agreed to, and then talking about it herself in public, that people wouldn`t talk about it. It`s the same with every meeting. And it`s the same after she and Gari went on to talk at other conferences. People talk.

Caz now says she was betrayed in the beginning, but even in 2018 was singing the praises of SUFON.

The BBC Wales radio show, 'The Unexplainers' contacted Caz, only after Emlyn asked her for her permission to pass on her contact details first.

Linda Moulton-Howe: actually it was one of SUFON members who knew  Linda and he contacted her and Jeff Rense, both based in America. Caz knew all this and as Linda was a well known name, Caz only wanted to talk to Linda even though Jeff wanted to interview Caz first.

Linda then contacted SUFON and we gave her Caz`s contact details. Linda then contacted Caz who agreed to be interviewed, along with Gari by Linda. SUFON were also interviewed for the same programme, separately, represented by Emlyn and Mike.

Caz was not put on the spot because we had to get permission from her to pass on her contact details, but it seems she'd like others to think differently. 

Mike was usually a point of contact due to the fact Emlyn had two jobs and was often working away so it made sense, especially as Mike was around  and online a lot more than Emlyn. 

In August 2018 Caz and Gari did a presentation at the SUFON meeting at the New Lodge. When they arrived they brought some pop-up advertising banners, and other equipment which Caz had invested in. This by a person who has claimed Emlyn had put her life in danger. They also ran a raffle. The road show had started.